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Best HP Core i5 Laptops For Business & School : Our Top 5 Best Picks For 2022 To Buy in Kenya

HP laptops and computers come in different specs, such as the type of processor. In this article, we highlight for you our top 5 best HP Core i5 powered laptops you can shop here at Smartbuy. These brand-new laptops come with one-year warranty. Smartbuy Kenya is an authorized hp dealer based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Is a core i5 laptop any good ?

We can all agree that an Intel Core i5 powered laptop performs very well when in comes to business use, Intel periodically refreshes their processors to acquaint greater performance, images, better battery life, and plenty more. Intel has really improved the core i5 CPU’s over the years and the latest 12th Generation i5 processor which has just been released produces unprecedented performance.

Choosing the right HP core i5 laptop (Things to consider):

  • Generation of the processor: Intel Core i5 processors have different generations (year of manufacture) each having different specifications such as clock speed or cache memory. If you want a good hp core i5 PC at a cheap price, a 10th generation will do just fine. 10th generation models like the HP 250 G7 Core i5 and the HP 250 G8 Core i5 are some of the best options you can get at a great value. If you want a faster core i5 CPU, go for the 11th generation models, like the 14-inch 11th Generation i5 HP Pavilion X360 or this HP Envy X360 Core i5
  • Maximum memory: When it comes to memory (RAM), each core i5 processor has a maximum memory limit in which it can take in order to function. Some i5 CPU’s can allow up to 128GB of memory, while some only up to 12GB. Always make sure to check this specification in case you might want to upgrade the RAM of your hp laptop in the future.
  • The number of cores: The number of CPU cores varies for each i5 processor. More CPU cores indicate higher performance and vice versa. Most hp i5 PC’s come with 4-cores, which is decent enough for daily use and some light gaming. If you want more cores, maybe because your workflow depends on it, we advise you to consider an i7 computer instead of an i5, like this i7 12th Generation Lenovo Yoga with an outstanding 12-core CPU.

1. HP Pavilion X360 15, Core i5, 8 GB, 256 GB SSD, ER0225OD:

hp pavilion x360 15

This particular HP Pavilion X360 15 comes with an 11th Gen i5 (1135G7) processor. The CPU has 4 cores, has a maximum turbo frequency of 4.20 GHz and comes embedded with an integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card. This laptop is one of the best for content creators. The chipset performs without lag on applications like Adobe Photoshop. Intel’s new graphical architecture, the Iris Xe, increases more power to the processor, capable of gaming at 1080p. Shop this 15-inch x360 Pavilion 

2. HP 250 G8 Core i5, 10th Gen, 4 GB Ram, 1 TB HDD:

HP 250 G8 i5

Another great core i5 laptop from Hewlett-Packard is the 250 G8. This 250 G8 is powered by an Intel Core i5 10th Gen CPU. It comes with 4 cores and 8 threads and is capable of reaching turbo speeds of up to 3.60 GHz. This i5 processor is rated as one of the best when it comes to power efficiency, meaning the battery lasts for a long period of time. The 250 G8 is pocket friendly, suitable for students and business users. HP has also made it extra thin and light, thus it’s very light to carry. Be sure to check out this beautiful 15-inch HP Notebook

3. HP 15-DA2830NIA CORE I5-10210U, 4 GB Ram, 1 TB HDD, WIN10, 15.6:

hp 15 notebook laptop

Next, we have the HP 15 Notebook DA2830NIA with an Intel’s i5 (10th Gen) processor, 4GB of DDR4 Ram and 1TB of storage. This PC shares similar characteristics with the HP 250 G8, with the only major difference being the screen-size and pixel density. The 15 Notebook is a great business PC featuring a full sized keyboard, ample storage space, HD display and a solid battery life that can last up to 10 hours. If you’re looking for a wide screen laptop on a budget, this Notebook will not disappoint. Shop HP Notebook 15 Core i5, for more details concerning specs and price

4. HP Probook Core i5 430 G8, 8 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD:

hp probook i5 430 g8

The HP Probook 430 G8 powered by an 11th Gen Core i5 processor is another favourite best-selling laptop. It is loved by business professionals due to its sleek compact size, long-lasting battery, backlit keyboard and brilliant 14-inch display. This probook is one of our favourite brand-new hp i5 PC’s here at Smartbuy that you can get for just under KES. 90,000. This model also comes with an Integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card, similar to the HP Pavilion X360 15. Shop this 430 G8 and discover more great features about it.

5. HP Envy X360 13-BD0063DX, Core i5, 8 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD:

hp envy x360 i5Lastly, we have the HP Envy X360 BD0063DX, a convertible 2-in-1 laptop. This model comes with an integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics card, 8GB of DDR4 Ram and 256GB of SSD storage and an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU. The display at 13 inches is also very good and produces deep colours and sharp text. If you want a powerful core i5 PC for those demanding applications and content creation under $1000, this brand-new core i5 envy is one of the best.


These Brand-new i5 HP Pc’s are great for both students and business users, at Smartbuy Kenya we guarantee that all our laptops are genuine, come brand new and have a warranty of 12 months. Shipping is available to all our customers in Kenya. Just order your hp PC and have it delivered to your doorstep, more details here.  We have more hp models in stock, please free to contact us if you need any assistance

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