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Desktop Computers: A Shopping Guide When Buying In Kenya:

Shopping for a desktop in Nairobi, Kenya, whether for office or home use, can be a difficult task. That’s why, in this desktop computers buying guide, we highlight for you certain key aspects you need to look out for. A desktop is basically a computer that consists of a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. It has the same functions as a laptop computer (PC) however it’s not portable. Although they are not portable, a desktop has some advantages over a PC. For example, desktops can easily be upgraded in terms of RAM, processor, storage and CPU. A PC, on the other-hand, can only be upgraded in terms of RAM and storage.

Brand-new desktop computers are good for performing heavy computational processes such as multitasking and gaming, as their CPU’s can easily overclock (run at high frequencies). We highly recommend buying a brand-new desktop over a refurbished one, they have fewer complications and here at Smartbuy our models come with 1-yr warranty.

5 Main Things To Look Out for:

Before buying a desktop, the main attributes you should look at include:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • RAM (Memory)
  • Operating System
  • Storage Size
  • Monitor (Display)

Processor (CPU):

desktop computers buying guide in Kenya: processors

The processor also known as a CPU (central processing unit) is the “brain of the computer”. This is where all the operations and calculations happening inside the computer take place. Most desktop computers come with Intel powered chips that start from Core i3 up to Core i9, with the latest 12th Generation desktop processors just being released. When looking at the processor, one thing you should consider, is its speed measured in GHz. All processors have a base speed (regular operating point) and a max speed (max turbo frequency) in which they operate. If you intend to run heavy applications, perform CPU intensive operations on your desktop, consider a processor with a higher speed. For the ultimate speed, go for the Intel Core i9 or a Core i7, like this 290 G4 HP microtower. If you are on a budget, go for the cheaper Core i3 models.

The number of cores the processor has is also another thing to consider. The CPU is usually made up of units known as cores. CPU cores come in different formats namely: dual-core (2), quad-core(4), hexa-core(6), octa-core(8). The higher the number of cores, the greater the performance.


desktop computers buying guide: RAM

The choice of RAM will also be something to look at. RAM (Random Access Memory)  is a form of temporary storage which a computer uses to store application data when in use. If you open too many data or programs simultaneously or do a lot of gaming, you might probably need a lot of RAM. RAM comes in plenty of form components and sizes. There are 2 different types of Ram, namely: DRAM and SRAM. A computer’s RAM is measured in GB (Gigabytes), most desktops come with 4 GB of RAM, which is considered enough to run basic applications like Microsoft Word smoothly. If at anytime you find your desktop lagging when switching between apps or browser tabs, then you might need more RAM. You can easily upgrade the RAM size of a desktop to suit your power needs. In most cases, 4GB is usually enough.

Operating System (O.S):

desktop computers buying guide: operating sytem

In simple terms, a computer’s operating system (OS) is the chief program that manages all the hardware and software it has control of. Every process, file, program is run by the operating system. There are three types of operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux. Windows and macOS are the most common type of operating systems. Windows powered desktops, like HP desktopsare used widely by most organizations due to their compatibility with most programs and devices such as printers. If speed and security is your top priority, consider an iMac, which runs on macOS.

Storage size:

desktop computers buying guide: storage

The amount of storage space is also a key component to look at. At Smartbuy Kenya, most of our desktops come with 1TB HDD of SATA storage space. There are 2 common types of storage format that is : HDD and SSD. Most desktop computers come with HDD (Hard Disk Drives) a long time tradition. If you plan to store a lot of data on your desktop, go for a desktop with 1TB and above or 500GB at a minimum.  SSD’s (Solid State Drives) based desktops on the other hand provide peak performance, faster boot up speeds and better energy efficiency. Desktops running on SSD’s like this all-in-one desktop from hp are buttery smooth. So if speed is top priority over storage, buy a desktop with SSD.



To operate a desktop, you are going to need a monitor. When choosing a monitor, you should consider the intended use. If you are a graphic designer, a monitor with a high resolution with great colour accuracy is what you’d consider. For standard office work or general usage, an 18-inch TFT monitor will do just fine. On the other hand, if you are a gamer, a monitor with a high refresh rate should come in mind. Monitors also come in different sizes, when looking at the size select a monitor that will fit your desk comfortably. Most monitors come with a display size ranging between 18 – 27 inches. A great monitor worth mentioning is this stylish 27-inch FHD monitor from HP. It features a tilting screen and supports both HDMI and VGA inputs.

Monitors We Recommend available At Smartbuy:

  1. HP 24F FHD Anti-glare Monitor:

hp 24f

The 24F is a slim 24-inch monitor with outstanding visual output. Colour production on this monitor is amazing, if you plan to use for video or photo-editing. This monitor is a huge bargain when it comes to price, valued at just Ksh: 27,999. The monitor supports both HDMI and VGA inputs and can tilt -5 to +25 degrees. You can use it as a dual monitor as it is compatible with both macOS and Windows based OS.

2.  HP V22 FHD 21.5-inches Monitor: 

hp v22

The HP V22 can be a really great fit for your office or home computer. This is a FHD (1920 × 1080p) monitor. With a price tag of about : Ksh: 22,500 this 21-inch monitor is a bargain when you look at the features. For example, it features low blue light mode, which protects your eyes from too much white light. The screen can also tilt just like the 24f and also supports both HDMI and VGA outputs.

Shop HP Monitors

Graphics Card:

 graphics card

A graphics card (GPU) work’s hand-in-hand with the computer’s processor to produces graphics, images and faster performance. Graphic cards come in two formats (integrated and dedicated). Integrated graphic cards are less powerful as compared to dedicated graphic cards. If your work involves less multitasking, a desktop with integrated graphics should be fine. However, if you are a gamer, graphic design artist, musician or someone who requires a desktop to have a lot of power, go for a dedicated GPU. An example of a dedicated GPU would be NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series.

Types of Desktop Computers:

Desktops come in 3 main families:

  • Full-tower desktops
  • All-In-One desktops
  • Mini-tower desktops

Full-tower desktops:

These types of desktops are much bigger in width and length compared to mini-tower desktops. If you plan to include more components such as an extra GPU inside your desktop, a full-tower option is the best. Full-tower desktops also require more space to fit to in order to avoid distractions.

All-In-One desktops:

All-in-one desktops mostly manufactured by HP have all the components such as the CPU, monitor, GPU and speakers fitted together as a whole. These desktops have become popular nowadays due to their versatility, stylish design and power. An example of a great all-in-one desktop is this Core i5 HP 200 G4. All-in-one desktops are also a good choice for someone looking for a bright, high resolution display. So if you want a desktop that can easily fit even on the tightest of spaces, check out the ones we have at Smartbuy. We have cheaper options you can shop too under Ksh: 50000 like this V130 from Lenovo 

Mini-tower desktops:

Also known as mini-tower PC’s, these desktops are very compact. They are perfect for users who have a limited desk space, such as cashiers. Mini-tower’s are perfect for doing basic functions, such as they are usually not as powerful compared to all-in-one’s and full tower desktops. They are also cheaper, thus great value for money. A good example of a mini-tower is the HP 290 G4.


This desktop computers buying guide should help you decide which PC is the right for. For more information, contact us on TEL: +254725440303. Smartbuy Kenya is an authorized reseller for Hp and Lenovo desktops based in Nairobi, Kenya. All our desktops are genuine and come with one-year warranty.

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