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Apple M1 Chip: The Most Powerful Processor On A Laptop:

the new apple m1 chip
Apple M1 Chip

In November 2020 during its Apple event, Apple announced that it was introducing it’s first generation of M1 processor’s to power their MacBook’s and iMac’s lineup. Since their first generation of computer’s (over 14 years ago) Apple relied on Intel to provide processing power to their PC’s, however in 2020 the company decided that it was time for a change, and that change paid off very well. The M1 chip performed beyond user expectations compared to rival’s Intel and AMD.

Apple’s approach with the M1 is to deliver industry-leading performance and features while relentlessly focusing on power efficiency. As a result, m1 delivers a giant clip in performance per watt, and every mac with m1 will be transformed into a completely different class.

The M1 Chip Architecture:


This awesome GPU that complements the incredible performance of the M1 CPU is perfect for every creator out there. In typical fashion, most pcs cannot achieve the perfect balance of performance with integrated graphics to get the desired result as they have to use a discrete chip (dedicated graphics card) which consumes a lot of power. With its 8-core GPU, the m1 is capable of executing nearly 25 000 threads at a time, from teraflops to texture bandwidth. The GPU is definitely in a class of its own.

Great at Battery Efficiency:

It’s a great known fact that Apple makes the best battery for a laptop, and the M1 solidifies that fact even further. The M1 delivers extraordinary battery life, with up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing and up to an amazing 18 hours of video playback. That’s six hours longer than before and when you’re video conferencing which can rapidly drain the battery you can go up to twice as long on a single charge.

Outstanding Image Quality Production:

The image quality on an M1 powered Mac will blow you away, its retina display supports p3 wide color gamut for even more vibrant true to life images. The webcam camera quality features m1 apple’s latest image signal processor which delivers better noise reduction and greater dynamic range for sharper images and more detail in shadows and highlights. The improved auto white balance combined with machine learning enhanced face detection, so you look more natural on your FaceTime calls.

Industry Class Security:

When it comes to security, the m1 represents a major leap forward. Apple has worked to continuously advance the security of its computers. The M1 chip includes not only hardware verified secure boot and automatic high performance encryption for all your files but also new security protections built deep into the code execution architecture giving you the most advanced security.

Performance On Another Level:

The M1 CPU has a massive 16 billion transistors, giving away amazing performance. The CPU which features two types of cores high performance and high efficiency each performance core is designed to run a single task or thread as efficiently as possible while maximizing performance. Multithreaded workloads take a huge leap in performance.

Conclusion: Get Yourself An M1 processor:

The M1 processor is a great chip perfect for developers, designers and creatives. If you are a performance enthusiast go for M1 powered MacBooks, check the available models we have here at Smartbuy Kenya

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