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Core i5 Laptops

HP Core i5:

The best brand-new HP core i5 laptops you can buy in Kenya. One year warranty

Lenovo Core i5:

These are some of the best Lenovo core i5 laptops in Kenya. Best price guarantee

Why buy a Core i5 laptop ?

  • Performance:

Core i5 laptops offer great performance for everyday use. The latest models with 12th Gen Intel i5 processors are even more powerful compared to previous models. If you want a laptop good at multitasking an i5 is a great choice. Opening programs, applications and bootup speeds will also amaze you.

  • Value for money:

A times we may not be able to afford a high spec laptop like a core i7 due to a limited budget. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, at Smartbuy Kenya our i5 laptop’s come at great prices. With great specs in terms of processing power and storage they are definitely value for money.

  • Durability:

You can use a core i5 laptop for a long period of time. These laptops have the best bodies made of aluminum as seen on model’s such as the HP ProBook. Components such as the keyboard are made of high quality, thus the worry of replacing them might not be an issue.

  • Upgradability:

An i5 pc can be easily upgraded in terms of memory and storage as compared to a low spec laptop. If you have been wondering weather an i5 laptop can be upgraded, well it can. You can also expect to get the latest Windows upgrades from Microsoft.