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Brand New HP Notebooks: Budget Laptops

Shop a great collection of brand-new Hp notebooks at the best prices. All notebooks come brand-new with one-year warranty. Notebooks are great laptops for everyday use. Most models come with 14 and 15-inch screen sizes, 4 GB Ram and 1 TB HDD of storage space. When you shop at Smartbuy, we assure you quality Hp notebooks that come with the latest processors.

Best Features About HP Notebooks:

  • Slim design:

Notebooks have a slim design/body, making them one of the lightest Pc’s. You can easily carry a notebook with less strain on your backpack. The latest generation models like the HP 15 Notebook feature a mesh-knit design, giving it a sleek modern design.

  • Decent processing speed:

These laptops have great processing capabilities that can be able to handle everyday tasks. The processors include, Celeron, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The celeron models like the DW1211nia are the cheapest, best for normal usage such as web browsing. The mid-range hp core i3 and hp core i5 units offer more performance and can be able to handle light games and photo editing, we also highly recommend them for office use. The core i7 notebooks offer the ultimate performance thanks to turboboost technology, more cache memory and stronger graphic cards.

  • Great value for money:

Considering the specs of these machines, you definitely get more value for your money for those on a budget. Starting from Ksh: 30,000 you can get a brand-new notebook in Kenya only at Smartbuy.


These notebooks are great hp laptops for everyday use. The processors fitted on these Pc’s have really improved in terms of power and efficiency thanks to intel. A lot of business and organizations in Kenya trust them. They also last for longer without breaking down.