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HP Core i3 desktop (Entry Level):

An HP Core i3 desktop is ideal for everyday computing tasks, these desktops offer more than just a lower price tag, they also have several key advantages such as upgradability that make it a better choice for those looking to save money.They are ideal for students and small businesses because they are affordable and easy to maintain. These desktops also use less power when in use than other processors. The latest 10th and 11th generation i3 processors also offer more processing power than the previous generations.

HP Core i5 desktop (Mid-range):

An HP i5 computer is a great choice for most people and businesses looking for a fast computer. Today most of them have plenty of power even for gaming, and run all kinds of programs and applications without breaking a sweat. A combination of this processor with 8GB of Ram and 1TB is what we highly recommend if you are aiming to multi-task or run heavy applications. An i5 PC is not as powerful as an i7 however they are highly reliable and durable.

HP Core i7 desktop (High-end):

An i7 hp computer does not compromise on performance, it is the perfect choice for gaming and running power hungry apps like Adobe Photoshop. The latest 10th and 11th generation processors are so fast they can easily be clocked up to 5.0 GHz.

HP Desktop All In One:

Save time and money with an all in one desktop. If you buy a desktop computer with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers, you will save money and time by not having to purchase additional equipment. An HP all in one PC is portable, easy to set up, powerful and take up less desk space