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Buy laptops from leading brands at Smartbuy Kenya. Check out our laptop shopping guide to help you choose the right laptop for you.

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Brand New Laptops in Kenya:

Laptops have become an essential part of our lives in todays world. Wheather its for school or office work a PC definately comes in-handy. At Smartbuy we have a wide variety of these laptops to suit your workflow and needs. Our PC's are some of the best machines you will find in the Kenyan market as we stock the latest brand-new models. Shop top PC brands like HP PC's and Lenovo PC's that won't dissapoint you in terms of quality, speed and durability. Always make sure to check the PC's specification in terms of RAM, Storage, Screen-size and upgradability to ensure you make the right choice.

The Best Laptops in Kenya

The best laptop is one that gets the job done. Every business professional or student might require a laptop that has specific specs such as RAM (Memory), storage or screen-size. Most latest laptops come with 4GB Ram and 1TB HDD of storage capable of handling common computer workflows such as web-browsing. Laptops come in entry-level (Core i3), mid-level (Core i5) and high-end variants (Core i7). You can explore our laptop shopping guideon what to look out for when buying a PC

Cheapest laptops in Kenya

At Smartbuy you can get cheap-new laptops from as low as KSH: 30,000 from brands such as HP, Lenovo and Asus. These laptops are well suited for students and those shopping for a PC but are on a tight budget. We guarantee you the best and prices.

Best Computer Shop in Nairobi

Smartbuy is located within the CBD of Nairobi. Our customers consider us as one of the best computer shops. We also offer delivery services and in-store pickup. All our PC's come with 1-year warranty