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Brand-new Lenovo laptops in Kenya. Get all models at budget friendly prices, enjoy fast shipping, one-year warranty when you shop with us. Smartbuy Kenya is an authorized Lenovo dealer based in Nairobi.

Lenovo laptops are the best when it comes to business use thanks to their build quality, reliable architecture and extreme portability. Their keyboards have also generated a liking around the PC community due to their awesome key travel. You can check out this laptop shopping guide for more reference on which Lenovo is best for you.

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Lenovo PC's For Gaming, Business and School

Shop for the right Lenovo laptop to suit your needs at Smartbuy Kenya. Lenovo the largest PC manufacturer in China is a trusted PC brand mainly used by the business community/professionals. Their line of Thinkpad's, IdeaPads and Thinkbooks offer decent choices for anybody out there looking for a perfect daily laptop. When it comes to gaming and productivity, Lenovo gaming laptops are also quite powerful. Great examples like the Lenovo Legion, IdeaPad 3 gaming, Y700 are loved by gamers. Lenovo is also a recommended computer for students as they are affordable, last a long time due to they great body design's, and have excellent battery-life.