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Shopping for a brand-new monitor for your office or home computer ? At Smartbuy we have the best when it comes to pice and deals. Our monitors on sale come from leading brands such as HP. These monitors can be used for gaming or as an additional dual-screen. Monitors come in different sizes and configurations. Based on your workflow, you should always pick the right monitor that suits your productivity, for example if you want a gaming monitor, a monitor with a high refresh rate would be the best. You shoud also check wheather the monitor will be compatible with your computers I/O as some support up-to 1 input only. Some monitors come with HDMI and VGA will others dont, while others support USB-C connectivity. An 18-inch monitor is decent for an office set-up as it utilizes less desk-space. A 24 to 27-inch monitor is great for gaming as it offers a much better immersive experience. Latest monitors have striking features like built-in speakers and thin bezels