Epson printers have become a top choice for most consumers today. Their latest line of Ecotank printers have proved to offer the best in terms of quality. They also offer 3 in 1 capabilities, allowing you to print, scan, copy and even fax.

Epson is recommended for both home and office use. Photographers alike also prefer to use Epson due to its capability to output vibrant print images. Worry less about maintenance, ink costs, compatibility and size when you buy an Epson printer.

Check out our shopping guide for printers and get all the information you need to make the best choice!

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The Eco-tank Range:

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable printer that doesn't require cartridges? If so, consider investing in an epson eco-tank printer. These printers use ink tanks instead of cartridges, which means you can print up to 11,000 pages without needing to replace the ink. Plus, eco-tank printers are more energy efficient than traditional printers, so you can feel good about helping the environment while saving money. Check out our selection of eco-tank printers and find the perfect one for your needs.Checkout the L3150, L3110 and the L6190

Why we recommend Epson:

Epson printer\s can print Wirelessly from any device so you can work from anywhere in your home or office, they have better durability are easily portable and fit into tight spaces thanks to its compact sizes it is also one of the best selling printers in Kenya currently

HP Core i3 laptops: Brand New, Best Prices

For the best deals, prices on hp core i3 laptops, shop at Smartbuy Kenya. We offer genuine hp i3 PC's that come with 1-year warranty. Core i3 powered PC's are considered to be entry-level machines suited for those on a budget. Core i3 processors have dual-core architeture with an integrated GPU. Most i3 laptops have a maximum clock speed of 3.4 GHz which is considered to be great if your only planning to work on spreadsheets, web-browsing or streaming.