HP LaserJet Printers, Brand-New. Colour and Monochrome

An HP laserjet printer, is the perfect companion for offices and businesses. Shop all-in-one models at Smartbuy Kenya and get exclusive deals. We offer affordable hp laser printers that are BRAND-NEW with 1-yr warranty. Learn more about the different types of printers from our blog.

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Why are Laser Printers Highly Recommendable ?

Laserjet printers are highly recommended for small businesses, SME's and corportate organizations. Printers that use laser technology print at higher speeds compared to their inkjet and deskjet counterparts. This fast printing speeds will ensure productivity at the workplace never stops. Laserjet printers have high print volumes, offer great print resolution with some having 3-in-1 functionality. if you're going to be printing a lot of text get yourself a laser printer it will look much more crisp and it's way more professional and you'll actually save money in the long run if you do enough printing.

How do laser printers work?

Laser printers can print in both color and monochrome. Laser printers are extremely versatile, you can print to a variety of media such as labels without ruining the paper because there's no heat involved in the printing process. They don't have nozzles that can clog unlike their inkjet counterparts. A laser printer toner is generally comprised of tiny electrostatically charged plastic particles embedded with a complex blend of pigments resins and other aggregates that are specifically engineered to the unique specs of an engine.

Cheap laserjet printers:

Smartbuy is the best printer shop in Nairobi for buying laser printers at the best prices. Starting from Ksh.15,000 our models can be afforded by any individual or business owner. With most of them offering outstanding features such as wireless functionality, you get more for less.